Should lives be filled with purpose and meaning? Yes, they should.   


“People get ready, there’s a change a comin’…”

Discovered in the American West, GenAwe, short for Generational Awareness, is a vast new social, cultural and economic frontier built upon a cheap energy resource. Change, on a scale that is sufficiently disruptive so as to upset the established order and help humanity to make the world cleaner, more equitable and more prosperous, may very well be here.

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Get ready for…

The Biggest Pivot of All Time!

GenAwe is a new movement for people who (1) are unstoppable in their conviction that America’s actions must be consistent with her ideals; and (2) are convinced the only way to make this happen is for today’s ‘outsiders’ (including women, minorities, etc. – you get the idea) to unite, take the lead and revisit the nation’s agenda and priorities.        

No one denies that men of a certain stripe have been in the driver’s seat for thousands of years; most people seem to agree that it’s time for a change.

From the rocky coast of Maine to the sunny shores of Florida to the Northwest forests and southwestern deserts … all across the land, America’s citizens (let’s call them the “Enlightened Majority”) are coming to the conclusion that they want leaders whose loyalty is to the principles upon which the nation stands and to American citizens themselves. America’s citizens are concerned that special interests are usurping the rights ordinary people. We seek leaders who are unafraid and will lead America to a brighter, more equitable future.

“Americans are ready for a powerful, inspiring and big vision, one that will launch the country on a journey of progress so inspiring that realizing it will elevate us, will take us all, as a nation, on some daring new journey. Of course, a journey is not just a speech. It must come with a strategy to rally people behind it and generate the legislation and policies needed to implement it.*”

While it is true that GenAwe will ultimately amass and organize a vast repository of information that will become the prism from which humanity’s highly complex issues can be addressed, it is equally true that the movement’s unifying principles are simple and easy-to-understand:

The GenAwe Long & Short Views: It should come as no surprise that there is much discussion about “Sustainability” these days. The Baby Boomers are realizing that life went by lickety-split. Deciding to be a wise steward for subsequent generations becomes an obvious and sensible long term policy. If being stewards constitutes the GenAwe long view, the short view is equally compelling. Since time immemorial every mother wants to know whether or not the neighborhood is safe. When neighborhoods are safe, alive and peaceful, we are moving toward world peace in the best possible, most realistic way.

Think Globally & Act Locally: Combine the two views, and you have the roots of GenAwe’s philosophy, agenda and policy. Work on making your neighborhood a better place, both now and for the future, and you’ll feel true, lasting happiness and contentment. It turns out to be a reasonable way to make peace an alternative to war.

Although this transition will likely be messy and even contentious at times, real progress always is. Nonetheless, women really are the best hope for our Mother Earth.

In a decade or two, everyone will wonder, “Why did we wait so long?

*[Source: Dov Seidman, as quoted in It’s Still Halftime in America, Friedman, Thomas, New York Times, 1 September 2012]

The 21st Century Mandate

Although none deny the importance of a strong military deterrent, sensible people from every nation recognize that it is in humanity’s best interest to make peace at least as profitable as war. As we look forward to establishing priorities for this century, we find ourselves asking:

  • Is there a reason why America should not take the lead in the development of clean, sustainable technologies, systems, and services?
  • Is there a reason we should not add to our capacity for economic growth and prosperity, particularly in the face of multi-trillion dollar annual global markets?
  • Is there any doubt that our best economic, diplomatic and environmental interests are served by supporting policies that enhance humanity’s ability to harness the sun and to make usable energy available to people throughout the world?

Recognizing that each generation are stewards for those to come, we conclude that humanity’s next great frontiers lie in (1) balancing the need to extract resources from the earth with the equally important need to preserve a rich environment for future generations;  (2) democratizing access to energy, thereby helping to raise the living standards of people the world over; and in the process, (3) building a global economy that ends up making peace as profitable as, and much more desirable than war.

We contend that these ideals can serve as the basis for sound business decisions that can lift American and the world. We are counting on not only American girls and women to lead this new movement, but all of those of like mind — call them the Enlightened Majority — to insure that our nation, our America, once again rises to the occasion when history so demands.


What’s Next?

GenAwe could go viral if it is the right idea at the right time. Are you down with GenAwe?

Is there stuff going on in your neighborhood or community that could do some GenAwe thinking? GenAwe will grow organically, especially when people start to finish each other’s sentences and smile. Like we are all on the same wavelength.

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