GenAwe is the future!

In 2020, Mother Earth taught us that we are a global family.

One way forward, Generational Awareness (“GenAwe”), is not a complicated idea.

Work together.  Listen to, learn from and forgive one another. Leave the world a better place.

A new tribe born of the Spirit of the American West … 

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This is a work in process. It is being refined it all the time, but the time is rapidly approaching for …

The Biggest Pivot in Human History

No one denies that, since the beginning of time, it has been “A Man’s World.”  That curtain is coming down. As the result of scientific discoveries that commenced in Paris in 1839, a new Energy Era dawns January 1, 2020 — it then becomes “A Woman’s World” and not in name only. Our entire world is set to change because that which was one scarce is now plentiful — it’s energy.

The history of human culture can be viewed as the progressive development of new energy sources and their associated conversion technologies. These developments have increased the comfort, longevity and affluence of humans, as well as their numbers.  Hydrocarbons and the evolution of human culture, Nature, November 2003

 Hydrocarbon EraSolar Hydrocarbon Era
Primary Energy SourcePhotosynthetic energy stored in hydrocarbon bondsSunlight
AgePetroleum & Natural Gas -- 100 million years +
Coal -- 290 - 360 million years
8 minutes, 20 seconds
LocationInside EarthSurrounds Earth
PricingMarket drivenDecreasing constantly
Total known reserves555 Terrawatt years23,000 Terrawatt years annually
Guiding Influence"A Man's World""A Woman's World"

The HE to SHE Energy Era transition is already taking place, and if you look closely, you can see the signs. The transition to a world in which women play a role that balances male dominance has been underway for more than half a century and it cannot be stopped. From a historical standpoint, this is all coming together right on time.


The 21st Century Mandate

Sensible people from every nation recognize that it is in humanity’s best interest to make peace as profitable as war. As we look forward to establishing priorities for this century, we find ourselves asking:

  • Is there a reason why America should not take the lead in the development of clean, sustainable technologies, systems, and services?
  • Is there a reason we should not add to our capacity for economic growth and prosperity, particularly in the face of multi-trillion dollar annual global markets?
  • Is there any doubt that our best economic, diplomatic and environmental interests are served by supporting policies that enhance humanity’s ability to harness the sun and to make usable energy available to people throughout the world?

Recognizing that each generation are stewards for those to come, we conclude that humanity’s next great frontiers lie in (1) balancing the need to extract resources from the earth with the equally important need to preserve a rich environment for future generations;  (2) democratizing access to energy, thereby helping to raise the living standards of people the world over; and in the process, (3) building a global economy that ends up making peace as profitable as, and much more desirable than war.

We contend that these ideals can serve as the basis for sound business decisions that can lift American and the world. We are counting on not only American girls and women to lead this new movement, but all of those of like mind — call them the Enlightened Majority — to insure that our nation, our America, once again rises to the occasion when history so demands.

Are you ready for the ‘Go Forward’ plan? 

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