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What it means to be human.

You are an eternal being living a brief mortal life. We all are. We’re members of a worldwide family and we’re in this together. Letting skin color, gender, religion, age, or anything else separate us … well, it’s just not right.

Generational Awareness (“GenAwe” for short) means we try to leave the world better for generations to come.  That’s right. We’re working, every day, to be ‘of one heart.’ Life is better that way.

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This is a work in process. It is being refined it all the time. Nonetheless, it seems clear that the human race is approaching …

The Biggest Pivot of All Time

Can we agree that America’s actions should be consistent with her ideals? Is it time for history’s perennial outsiders (including and especially women, minorities, etc.) to agree to agree, unite and then use the system so we are actually in a position to effectively influence our nation’s agenda and priorities? Isn’t that what being a citizen of a democratic republic all about? There is no better way.         

No one denies that men of a certain stripe have been in the driver’s seat for thousands of years; we’re ready to broaden the ‘draft pool’ for talent. We need new leaders with new visions that address the exigencies of life in the twenty-first century.

This is not big news. Ask anybody! From the rocky coast of Maine to the sunny shores of Florida to the Northwest forests and southwestern deserts … all across the land, it America’s “Enlightened Majority” are looking for leaders whose first loyalty is to the principles upon which the nation stands, and the citizens themselves. Regrettably, over the last thirty years, the greatest wealth shift went the wrong way. It would seem that special interests have our leaders on 7/24 speed dial and we get the robocalls.

As an American citizen, I am waiting for a powerful, inspiring and big vision, one that will launch the country on a journey of progress so inspiring that realizing it will elevate us, will take us all, as a nation, on some daring new journey. I get the fact that a journey is not just a speech. It must come with a strategy to rally people behind it and generate the legislation and policies needed to implement it. That’s what this is all about. It’s a new American Tribe that says, “It’s time to think things over and adjust course.”

Need new leaders. Want real standards. Need new Tribe.

GenAwe’s overarching vision is to begin the journey that will create a new economic sector that will make peace more profitable than war. Fortunately, a vast new multi-trillion dollar market just happens to be upon us. Humanity can now convert sunlight to electricity. Everywhere the sun shines, power in the form of electricity is available. This changes everything. Our 21st century lifestyles depend on 24/7 electricity and now, we can deliver it to everybody.

America took more than a century to build out the national electrical grid. Now, because of this newfound ability to harvest power anywhere the sun shines, the world need never have another energy crisis. Of even greater importance is at once a tantalizing and frightening reality–entire nations constituting markets of hundreds of millions, even billions of people, could and will leapfrog.

Suffice it to say that the GenAwe long view is to develop entire systems that allow citizens of ours and other nations to enjoy 21st century lifestyles using renewable energy resources. This seems to be the most practical way to start making peace more profitable than war. New ideas are welcomed!

It is unwise and unrealistic to limit the GenAwe’s agenda. I’m one person holding a pen, and hoping that what I have to say makes sense, and others will join in, and pretty soon, we have ignited a global dialogue. If GenAwe does not, at the center of its philosophical thrust, must address life at its most granular and optimum level — every mother’s concern, since time immemorial has been “Is the neighborhood is safe?” When making neighborhoods safe, alive and peaceful becomes a top priority, we are creating a fabric for growth, development and uplift of all.

Combine the two views, and you have the kernel of GenAwe’s philosophy, agenda and policy. Work on making your neighborhood a better place, both now and for the future, and you’ll feel true, lasting happiness and contentment. It turns out to be a reasonable way to make peace an alternative to war.

The 21st Century Mandate

Although none deny the importance of a strong military deterrent, sensible people from every nation recognize that it is in humanity’s best interest to make peace at least as profitable as war. As we look forward to establishing priorities for this century, we find ourselves asking:

  • Is there a reason why America should not take the lead in the development of clean, sustainable technologies, systems, and services?
  • Is there a reason we should not add to our capacity for economic growth and prosperity, particularly in the face of multi-trillion dollar annual global markets?
  • Is there any doubt that our best economic, diplomatic and environmental interests are served by supporting policies that enhance humanity’s ability to harness the sun and to make usable energy available to people throughout the world?

Recognizing that each generation are stewards for those to come, we conclude that humanity’s next great frontiers lie in (1) balancing the need to extract resources from the earth with the equally important need to preserve a rich environment for future generations;  (2) democratizing access to energy, thereby helping to raise the living standards of people the world over; and in the process, (3) building a global economy that ends up making peace as profitable as, and much more desirable than war.

We contend that these ideals can serve as the basis for sound business decisions that can lift American and the world. We are counting on not only American girls and women to lead this new movement, but all of those of like mind — call them the Enlightened Majority — to insure that our nation, our America, once again rises to the occasion when history so demands.


What’s Next?

GenAwe could go viral if it is the right idea at the right time. Are you down with GenAwe?

Is there stuff going on in your neighborhood or community that could do some GenAwe thinking? GenAwe will grow organically, especially when people start to finish each other’s sentences and smile. Like we are all on the same wavelength.

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